Sync Gateway for Mac

What is Sync Gateway?

Sync Gateway provides an easy way to synchronize your Mac with a PC. Install Sync Gateway on a Mac running OS X 10.8 or above and synchronize with it via the Internet or the local network using Allway Sync running on a Windows PC.

Sync Gateway's IP Dispatcher feature provides you an ID and a password that you can use to sync with a Mac from any PC, no need to set up sharing and know the IP address.

Sync Gateway server runs as a system service (daemon), allows multiple connections, encrypts transferring data using SSL and provides port forwarding.

Sync Gateway

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File size: 686 Kb

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and above

Why choose Sync Gateway?

  • Sync Gateway doesn't require to know the IP address and set up sharing to synchronize or backup Mac data;
  • It can work as a system-level service (daemon);
  • Sync Gateway gives ability to access Mac file system on behalf of any user account;
  • Works with multiple simultaneous connections;
  • Provides a strong SSL encryption.

Quick start with Sync Gateway

Perform the following steps to get Sync Gateway running on your Mac:

  1. Download Sync Gateway installer image;
  2. Open downloaded DMG image by double-clicking it;
  3. Run the Install application;
  4. Run Sync Gateway from your Applications directory;
  5. Setup Sync Gateway to run under your environment;
  6. Click the Restart Server button to apply the changes.

Sync Gateway setup at a glance

Connection method

IP Dispatcher is a connection method by default. This method provides an easy way to connect remote computers to a computer running Sync Gateway. It assigns ID and Password to each instance of Sync Gateway. These credentials are used in the client application (for example, Allway Sync) for connection to SyncGateway.

If computer running Sync Gateway has a static IP address, you can set Connection method as Static IP address and use that static IP address in the client application (for instance, Allway Sync) to connect it to Sync Gateway.

Port forwarding protocol

Port forwarding makes possible to link Sync Gateway with a software on the remote computer through the LAN router. Use NAT-PMP for routers manufactured by Apple.

If router port number for forwarding not defined manually, it will be the same as communication port.

Pro Activation

To activate the Pro version, enter the key provided during purchase in corresponding box and click "Activate".

Do not forget restart Sync Gateway by clicking "Restart Server" button to apply changes in settings.